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Turning Round Wood Turnings:
The purpose of the Wasatch Penturners Club is to help members improve their turning skills, promote safety, and foster enjoyment of penturning, and to associate with, and learn from, other penturners

We feature new, fun, custom made wooden items. All items are hand turned on a wood lathe using exotic woods and buckets of creative energy. Every item is a one of a kind master piece. (I can't make two things the same, so I never try.)

We are a Father and Daughter team working in a studio in the foothills of the Ochre Mountains in Bluffdale Utah. The creative energy for projects comes from my 14 year old daughter, and the resource and manual labor behind the scenes is provide by me.

We love to turn a piece of wood inside out, exposing the grain and inner beauty, then like to put a shine on it and head inside for approval from the "Boss" (mom). Please look around! If you see a piece you like, you can be confident that it is handmade to the highest quality and will last forever, or make a great gift for a special friend. If you see something in our past sales area you like, please contact me and we can make a custom order piece that resembles what you like. But remember all items are one of a kind!

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NOTE: My email address is shown here in the picture with my Jeepin Dog. I had to put it in a picture so I wouldn't get so much spam email. If you have questions please email me.