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The name of the organization is the TurningRound.biz.


The purpose of the Turning Round is to create and share hand crafted wood items. Our long term goal is to create a comunity studio, where I can teach classesa nd share with people and group in the community who don't have access to a world class workshop. All Items on this site are made using a wood turning lathe and only the most unique and exotic woods. We strive to blend perfection and creativity while creating beautiful pieces of art. All of the wood is either salvaged from a local arborist and saved from the lanfill or burn pile or purchased from a environmentally friendly tree farm.


We can create custom pieces and will gladly consider anything as a commisioned order. Please contact us with your ideas and vision for custom made pieces.



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NOTE: My email address is shown here in the picture with my Jeepin Dog. I had to put it in a picture so I wouldn't get so much spam email. If you have questions please email me.